MacWet Gloves

MacWet Gloves

Mac Wet Shooting Gloves - all grip no slip!

These are the best shooting gloves that you can buy! We have tried them here at Just Cartridges and they are truly amazing...why bother with leather as the performance of the MacWet shooting gloves are unimpaired no matter how adverse the conditions.

They are machine washable and available in a number of sizes from 7.5 to 10.5.

£29 with FREE Postage

To find out your size simply follow these simple instructions:

No other glove is as responsive as the MacWet gloves especially with their unique breathable characteristics that ensure maximum grip and feel in all conditions especially when out shooting in unpredictable conditions. MacWet technical gloves are very comfortable and totally windproof, but most importantly they provide excellent feel. MacWet gloves are so thin and snug that they provide excellent trigger feel and sensitivity. This is why you do not need the traditional cut off trigger finger.

The manmade material allows your hands to breathe providing consistent grip with absolutely no compromise to feel or comfort - it is easy to reload swiftly and safely with the MacWet gloves. MacWet gloves are ideal for all types of shooting and in addition they will also protect your non-trigger hand from any heat from your barrels.

For the ultimate fit MacWet gloves are designed to give a skin tight fit. You will not be disappointed and they are available in Green, Brown, Black.

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