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Clay Corner: Budget Clays
Bugdet clay cartridges
Top budget clay cartridges
There is always plenty of choice in the budget clay cartridge market. And frankly, there is nothing wrong with any of them, they are all decent quality but just built to a price, which makes perfect sense. You will see these at all clay grounds and are entirely suitable for practice and club use and they will even hold their own at a competition.



Eley Hawk
Select – From £184 /1000
The Select range is enormous, encompassing 21, 24 and 28gm loads in a multitude of shot sizes. Made with a very comfortable speed to recoil ratio this is an ideal cartridge to cut your teeth on. The 28gm fibre 7½ shot here is the one on offer at £196 per 1,000.



Comp X – From £185 /1000
Massively popular, the Comp X is loaded in a genuine 65mm case and is very soft on felt recoil. Ideal for beginners, available in plastic or fibre wad starting at £193 per 1,000.



Velocity + – From £193 /1000
An eponymous value clay shell, the Velocity + is the latest incarnation of Gamebore’s Velocity range. A decent performer in plastic or fibre wad starting at £193 per1,000.



Just Cartridges
CSP Club – £194 /1000
The little sister to our all singing all dancing competition load, CSP Club is a fully loaded 28gm fibre in 7½ shot. Decent cartridge, decent performance, decent price at £194 per 1,000.



Litespeed – From £186 /1000
A relative newcomer introduced last year, the Lite Speed is built to a price based on the lighter 26gm load in plastic or fibre wad. Fiocchi are clay cartridge experts and this is no exception starting at £186 per 1,000.

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  © Just Cartridges | All rights reserved

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