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Clay Corner: Competition Picks
Top performing fibre competition cartridges

With single use plastics being a topical subject at the moment, a lot of shots are looking for similar high performance cartridge in a fibre wad. With some major competitions now being fibre wad only, for example the Beretta World, you need to ensure you are getting the best possible performance form your choice of cartridge.

None of the top performing clay cartridges are cheap but you can be assured of the best possible performance and pattern from these top of the range shells. With a fibre wad cartridge, you are looking for a higher than normal antimony content, to reduce the amount of pellet damage and therefore “flyers” to give you the most consistent pattern. Most premium clay shells have a higher than average speed, these following featured cartridges will break even the edgiest long range targets.

They don’t come cheap, but you are paying for consistency and reliability and it is therefore part of the equation you don’t have to worry about.



Dark Storm – From £279 /1000
Fast and effective and allied with Gamebore’s Diamond shot for better patterns, these shells are really the business. Dark storm follows on ever popular Black Gold range offering slightly faster speeds. You won’t be blaming the cartridges if you’re using Dark Storm!



Eley Hawk
Titanium – From £279 /1000
Titanium is Eley’s new high level competition load. Don’t be put off by the muzzle velocity of 137fps, this is a really smooth cartridge give better second barrel target acquisition but it deceptively hard hitting. It’s big sister Titanium Strike is the nickel coated plastic wad version.



Sovereign – From £256.50 /1000
Another top performer, Hull Sovereign Fibre comes from an established and proven stable. The sister loads in plastic and the super high performance Sovereign Parcours are all well known and popular premium competition loads. With a large variety of shot sizes, you have a cartridge here for any target presentation.



Just Cartridges
CSP Competition – £238 /1000
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Just Cartridges