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New Release: Gamebore Quad-Seal
Gamebore Quad-Seal

If you think shotgun cartridges cannot get any better think again. After years of research, development and extensive testing, Gamebore have introduce their Quad Seal to the cartridge world.

Quad Seal has completely revolutionised the way fibre cartridges perform by insuring a perfect seal which traditional fibre and plastic wad cartridges are unable to do. By incorporating four levels of seal to prevent pressure escaping round the sides of the wads, quad seal cartridges benefit from reduced recoil, improved striking energy, and ballistic consistency, and not to forget they they are also 100% biodegradable.


“The Quad Seal has finally made an environmentally friendly wad perform as well as a plastic wad, if not better” –  George Digweed MBE

“The new Quad Seal is the future of game cartridges. Environmentally friendly but with increased killing power and reduced recoil. I am produce to have worked as a development shooter on this new product.” – Dave Carrie

“Without doubt, Gamebore’s Quad Seal ammunition are the best game cartridges I have ever used!” – Simon Ward

Release date

Gamebore have scheduled the release of the Quad Seal range in all Dark Storm loads for July 2020. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for them on our website!

For now, check out Gamebore’s Quad-Seal video teaser to find out more

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