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New Release: Just Cartridges Purple Fury
Purple Fury
Just Cartridges Purple Fury

If you thought shotgun cartridges could not get any better, think again! After years of research, development and extensive testing, Gamebore have introduced their Quad Seal technology to the cartridge world. We are very excited to work with Gamebore to incorporate their Quad Seal technology in to our newest and highest performance product – Purple Fury!

Quad Seal has completely revolutionised the way fibre wad cartridges perform by ensuring a perfect seal to the barrel which traditional fibre or plastic wads are unable to do. With four levels of seal, this guarantees perfect shot to shot consistency with the added benefits of improved striking energy and ballistic consistency plus reduced recoil. And don’t forget that they are 100% biodegradeable! What’s not to love?

Purple Fury will be available in a 31gm load in 5 and 6 shot at £349 per 1,000 and a 33gm load in 4 or 5 shot at £366.

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  © Just Cartridges | All rights reserved

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