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Grouse talk: Cartridge picks
Top Grouse cartridge picks
Our top Grouse cartridge picks
The approaching grouse season is looking reasonable judging by the reports from the moors. It is not going to be a record breaker, but the weather has been kind during the hatch and shooting will definitely take place. There are now some really interesting products in the cartridge world, with plenty of USP’s and plenty of choice and don’t forget these squibs will kill partridges and pheasants equally as well as grouse.


Gamebore Grouse Extreme


Grouse Extreme – From £396 /1000
Introduced last year, we think this was a bit of a game changer, with soft recoil even in the heavier loads and incredible hard hitting, it comes in a variety of loads all in fibre wad starting at £396 for the 29gm.


Hull Driven Grouse


Driven Grouse – From £426 /1000

High quality and high performance in a genuine 65mm case and copper coated shot for better patterns, you have the option of a 28 or 30gm load with fibre wad starting at £426 per 1,000.


Eley Zenith


Zenith – From £429 /1000
A variety of loads and shot sizes and that copper coated shot gives better more even patterns. It is also pretty high performance at 1,475 fps staring at £429 in the lightest 30gm load.



Lyalvale Express
Supreme Grouse – From £379 /1000
The ideal load for grouse in our view at 29gm of 6½ shot with a fibre wad and entirely suitable for older English side by sides at £379 per 1,000.

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