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Pigeon talk: Cartridge picks
Our top Pigeon cartridge picks
As we approach the pre and post harvest pigeon bonanza, here are our hot picks for pigeon pest control. With less oil seed rape being grown, always a favourite for pigeons, expect them to be on peas and beans which they will attack from the time they germinate, to the time they are harvested. And if we get any rain, laid barley will be hit hard also.



Eley Hawk
Pigeon HV – From £257 /1000
The big sister to the ever popular Eley Pigeon Select, this 32gm load is always in demand and is a hard hitting cartridge starting at £257 in plastic wad, fibres available at £263.



Clear Pigeon – From £249.75 /1000
A perennial favourite for the pigeon shooting community and with a similar spec to our own Classic Pigeon, Clear Pigeon are available in a plastic or fibre wad starting at £249.75 per 1,000.



Superfast Pigeon – From £229.75 /1000
As the name suggests, at 1,425 fps this is the fastest of this lot and in a money saving 29gm load in fibre or plastic wad starting at £229.75 per 1,000..



Just Cartridges
Classic Pigeon – From £219 /1000
Super versatile in a 30 or 32gm load of 6 shot and in a fibre wad only, Classic Pigeon is also easily the best value. In an auto friendly 70mm case and 1,400 fps prices start at £219 for the 30gm.



Sporting Pigeon – From £244 /1000
This is a great value pigeon cartridge loaded in a 67mm case in the most popular 32gm load. Bags of performance and available in plastic or fibre starting at a wallet busting £244 per 1,000.
Just Cartridges