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Featured Brands - Partridge Cartridges

Hull cartridges

The Partridge Cartridge, 32gm Fibre 5.5

The latest offering from Hull Cartridge Co. is ideal for the most sporting partridge on those high bird days. The spherical tolerance controlled hardened shot holds a dense pattern while providing superior long-range ballistics, giving the perfect combination of measured power and exceptional patterns. Don’t be fooled by the name, this load will be perfect for pheasants later in the year. As ever with Hull Cartridge Co. their smooth cartridges are a joy to use. This cartridge is suitable for 70mm chambered guns and uses a biodegradable fibre wad.

32gm 5.5F £348/1000

Gamebore Cartridges

Black Gold Game, 30gm Fibre 6

In recent years the Gamebore Black Gold Game has built a reputation second to none amongst game shooters for it’s outstanding performance. The 30gm 6 shot in 12 bore provides the perfect ammunition for the experienced shooter, offering a full pattern at distance, this load is ideal for game where the pattern does the killing. Powered by Gamebore’s latest F2 powder technology and featuring their exclusive Diamond Shot, the Black Gold Game holds a tighter pattern at longer range for the ‘Ultimate Performance’. The Gordon Recoil Reduction System helps to cut recoil providing a smoother shooting experience when compared to other ‘high performance’ loads on the market. The Black Gold Game is available in a variety of loads and shot sizes, meaning you can find a cartridge you like and stick with it throughout the season on different types of quarry. Suitable for 70mm chambered guns and available in Fibre wads across the range, with some loads also available with Plastic wad.

30gm 6F £334/1000

Eley Cartrdges

Eley Zenith, 30gm Fibre 6

Eley’s top of the range offering for discerning game shooters, the Zenith uses copper plated shot to deliver outstanding performance. The electroplated copper reduces ‘balling’ of pellets when going down the barrel of the gun, resulting in a more consistent and truer pellet flight, providing superior patterns with more shot on target. Having been tried and tested, the Zenith picked up the 2017 Shooting Industry Award for best game cartridge, and we can see why having tried it ourselves. We feel the benefit of the copper coated shoat is realised at longer range where the fullness of the pattern is really tested, at closer range the pattern hasn’t had the same time to distort and as such the effects are less noticeable when compared to standard lead shot. If high partridges are your thing, we can’t recommend more that you try the Zenith for yourself and see what you think. The Zenith is available in a variety of loads, and offers true English shot sizes across the board, so is a great cartridge offering for season long use and performance. Suitable for 70mm chambered guns and available in Fibre wads across the range.

30gm 6F £359/1000

Just Cartridges Xtreme Game Cartrdges

Just Cartridges Xtreme Game, 30GM & 28GM 6

Our own brand game cartridge punches far above its weight when considering the value it offers and the performance it provides, time after time. Loaded by Gamebore, it uses Diamond Shot to provide more even, fuller patterns, making it extremely effective on challenging birds. Available in a 65mm case, the Xtreme Game is suitable for older English guns, available in a lighter 28gm 6 for reduced recoil in those older side-by-sides and ballistically still a great option for even the most testing partridge – as ever, put them in the right place!

12g 30gm 6F £280/1000
20g 28gm 6F £303/1000

Partridge image: Fieldsports Magazine