Golden Pheasant 12Ga

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The flagship of Fiocchi’s game range, Gold Pheasant delivers hard-hitting performance. The Golden range is loaded with the very best components (616 gold primer, 5% antimony selected lead shot, treated with a golden anti friction coating) and is characterized by an incredibly short barrel time � the time between the percussion of the cartridge and the lead shot exiting the barrel – which is one of the shortest on the market.

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  • Grouse

  • Partridge

  • Pheasant

  • Pigeon

  • Duck

  • Goose


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1 review for Golden Pheasant 12Ga

  1. sean greany

    I have like most of use tried out so many cartridges and never rely find the one that does the job, fast, clean without the kick of an donkey. Got a box of the Golden pheasant. Boy. I dropped a bird that high , the keeper sat on the hill below it stode up and clapped. Game changer, may conference in picking up the high birds is fantastic. Can’t fault them. Clean, smooth, fast. Try them.

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