Semi-Magnum 20Ga

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The Semi Magnum 20 bore cartridges were designed with one thing in mind, to be the ultimate performing 20 bore cartridge for high birds.�Designed with a fibre wad and a card obturator to guarantee minimum gas escape; this helps to improved ballistic performances to create the ultimate 20 bore cartridge of extreme game

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  • Grouse

  • Partridge

  • Pheasant

  • Pigeon

  • Duck

  • Goose


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1 review for Semi-Magnum 20Ga

  1. Will Dickens

    I have had several slabs. Great cartridge. Can’t fault the killing power. But, I have to say I felt bullied at the end of a generous day. Big loads through a 20g. Would have been better off with same via a heavy 12g. But boy do birds crumple if you put it in the right spot, especially on long range birds.

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