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Super Game 12Ga

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Designed specifically for use in modern and semi automatic guns. Super Game is available in a wide range of loads and shot sizes to suit the shooters every need.

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  • Grouse

  • Partridge

  • Pheasant

  • Pigeon

  • Duck

  • Goose


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3 reviews for Super Game 12Ga

  1. S Ensoll (verified owner)

    Nice cartridge, I purchased the SG fibre wad. For all intents and purposes it’s much the same as your other option, the buffalo SG nine pellet, similar patterns from my 28 inch modified choke mossberg. Not amazing but definitely not bad.

    One tiny niggle is that the reason I’m buying fibre wad is not to achieve mediocre patterns, it’s to try and prevent as much plastic litter over the land as possible. With that in mind I was a little annoyed to find that the overshot card is actually a clear hard plastic, somewhat hampering my efforts to cut down on the litter. I wouldn’t mind if it served a functional purpose but the other load previously mentioned just uses a normal card over the shot and they performed very similarly, even when used in the rain.

    I’m sure they have their reasons, but for a cartridge most of us just use for fun it doesn’t seem necessary.

    Exceptional service as always from just cartridges and their courier.

  2. A. Fisher (verified owner)

    42g #3 works well on Cormorants and is fibre wad.

  3. Joe Brake (verified owner)

    Very good cartridge, smooth & patterns well in 3/4 & full .
    Just to clarify though that the 36g load upwards is in a nice clear blue casing with high brass .
    I think the smaller gram loads are in red as shown in picture.

    Not sure what express don’t have them all in blue with high brass but just different grams?

    The super Game I have always known to be in the clear blue in 36g ,
    Great shell . Don’t change it .

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