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Xtreme Game 12Ga

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High performance load loaded in a traditional 65mm case, suitable for 2 1/2″ chambered guns. Xtreme Game incorporates Diamond shot, giving better, more even patterns.

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  • Grouse

  • Partridge

  • Pheasant

  • Pigeon

  • Duck

  • Goose


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2 reviews for Xtreme Game 12Ga

  1. Lewis clacee (verified owner)

    Very very good cartridges!! Don’t be put off because they are only 2 1/2 inch they hit really hard, I tried the 30g 5 and had very clean kills on 30-40 yard pigeons!

  2. TOBY.WINYARD (verified owner)

    Started to sue these for pigeon shooting through my old SxS. Chose the 28 gram to keep the recoil down. They hit hard and burn clean, very little mess in the barrels. Early days but happy with them

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